In The Koop


Garden In The Koop has been “germinating” for twenty five years, although the seeds were planted many years before… It grew from a love of the garden, a love of nature and the realization that our greatest sustenance comes from the food we grow. All of us In The Koop are gardeners of one kind or another. From the soil and the plants to the wonderful edibles we offer, all of us have been involved in “growing” this new garden; a garden that comes from the uncertain times we face today. As we all feel a “sense of scarcity,” what better time to offer the abundance of the garden; food for your health, food for your economic worries, but most of all food for your spirit.

Garden In The Koop was born from the passions of all of us; Laura the gardener, Peg the believer, Tim the earth steward, Marsha, the artist, Ray the creative hand, Susan the pied piper and of course all the wonderful creatures that live in and near The Koop.

Housed in a reclaimed, two hundred foot chicken house on a historic farm-yes chicken house, we are carefully observed by our peaceable kingdom of goats, chickens, cats, dogs, an occasional skunk, the rabbits and of course the deer! This is where we created the idea and where we grow some of the seeds. Each Egg Carton Garden box is packed, inspected and shipped from our chicken house. We continue to test and grow the different plants so that we can give you the best advice possible. In Reba’s Garden (one of the trial gardens named for an old friend whose happy bark is still missed) we are growing as fast as we can. What we can’t grow ourselves we have sourced from only the best of growers and vendors, keeping it heirloom if possible and always organic.

We are new to you, but our passion and knowledge comes from many lifetimes. We are happy to open our doors to you and we look forward to growing with you!

Seed to seed-let the games begin…

Seed to seed-let the games begin…

All the little seedlings have moved to the garden. We started some early and some late, but all of them seem to have survived the seeding and then the transplanting. It always feels a little scary when you plant the seeds. You put them under the earth and then it’s up to Mother Nature…amazing as…

Oh dear, where’s the tee shirts?

Suddenly it’s spring-really suddenly. Actually it feels more like summer today 82 degrees. Tuesday it will be 90 degrees. If I’m confused and scrambling for my tee shirts imagine those lettuce and spinach plants wiping their many brows. I know there is a big debate about global warming, but this local warming gives me pause….

The Cosmic Carrot

More coming soon!