A Primer for Gigglers – The Perfect Kids Gardening Kit

Welcome to The Giggling Garden! We are so happy to have you join our merry band of gigglers. We have had fun putting all these veggie friends together and hope you will have fun letting them into your garden. Just remember, it’s all about growing and learning .


Here are a few tips:

All of these veggies can be started indoors in the carton OR if it is warm enough plant directly into the garden with the starter wonder soil discs. Put your wonder soil in a bowl add water (1/2 cup water for each disc) Place the wonder soil in the garden where you are planting the seeds. It is easy to start the seeds in the egg cartons and then move them out doors. This way you can watch your veggies grow right from the beginning. Remember, all seedlings need water, light and warm soil to grow.

This is an all season garden with lettuce and kale for early and late season and the others for warmer days. We have more information on the different vegetables in the Getting Started section under “plantings”

We also love this tutorial which makes gardening even more fun.

Check it out and HAPPY GARDENING from all of us at In The Koop