About Giggling Garden

boy-eating-veggies1-235x220If you saw a Cosmic Purple Carrot fly by your window, what would you think? Or better yet if you found a dinosaur and a tigger in your garden, how could you not giggle? They are delightful characters who feel like friends. They make you want to get out in the garden and plant the seeds. After all just imagine what your garden will look like in a few weeks. Not just tiggers and dinosaurs but bull nose peppers, dragon carrots, Casper and of course Tom Thumb. Still giggling… Well we didn’t make those names up. They are real vegetables and not only will they make you smile; we can promise they taste delicious. That’s the point. It’s a celebration of the garden through a child’s eyes. How more scrumptious can it be?

Here at Gardens In The Koop, whimsy abounds, after all we are working out of an old chicken house, and we celebrate our food the way it should be celebrated, organically, openly and with giggling abandon!

That’s what this is all about. We want to open that garden gate, take you back to the garden and help you celebrate the food you eat and the children you love.