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From Small Things: Egg Carton Garden

From Small Things: Egg Carton Garden

What if you didn’t throw away that egg carton you just emptied and instead turned it into a growing vegetable garden right on your window sill? An egg carton garden is a simple idea, but it is also one of the best ways to grow something fresh in your home and even teach kids about gardening. If you always have the goal of getting a new garden installed, but you haven’t gotten around to it, don’t wait. With a simple, easy-to-grow egg carton garden, you really could have a nutritious meal waiting for you.

How Does an Egg Carton Garden Work?

Egg cartons made of biodegradable material are the ideal choice for germinating seeds. They hold water, but still allow excess moisture to escape. They keep plants warm when placed in sunlight. And, after your small plants begin to grow, you can easily cut out each of the small egg compartments and plant the entire pod into the garden bed or into a flower pot for a more permanent home.

To grow egg carton gardens, you’ll need to follow a few specific steps.

  • You’ll need a high-quality soil with nutrients in it if possible. Look for an indoor potting soil for the best results.
  • You’ll need to choose seeds for plants that will grow in small places. We’ll offer some recommendations in just a bit.
  • You’ll need a clean egg carton.

To create the garden pods, simply fill each pod with just enough soil to reach the top edges of each pod. Don’t pack it down too tightly because you want water and air to circulate well. Then, place two or three seeds on top of each other and cover with a small amount of additional soil. Wet the soil using a spray bottle. Just a slight misting is all that’s needed as you don’t want the plants to become water-clogged. Place in a window sill where the little garden gets at least 8 hours of daylight a day and remains between 60 and 80 degrees F.

Once the plants begin to grow, remove the excess seedlings so that only the strongest and largest plant in each pod is left. Allow these to grow up to six inches or more before transferring them into a larger pot. When it’s time to do so, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut each pod out and then place the pod and all into the ground or pot. It’s that easy.

What Types of Plants Can You Grow in an Egg Carton Garden?

Get the kids involved in this project and truly have fun with it. There’s no limit to the types of plants you can grow. Choose to grow an herb garden by planting basil, parsley and rosemary. You can also plant tomatoes, microgreens or spinach. Or, choose to sprout flowers. Some fantastic options include daisies or geraniums. Most seeds germinate well under these conditions.
This is a fun way to teach kids healthy foods and how those foods grow. It’s also a fun way to get your hands dirty and start prepping for the spring growing season.

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