First “Harry Loves Carrots” now “Harry Loves Greens” and “Harry Loves Turnips(not)”

First “Harry Loves Carrots” now “Harry Loves Greens” and “Harry Loves Turnips(not)”

Harry Loves Carrots Encourages Children to Love Their Vegetables

Laura Baldwin’s recent book will have children and the young at heart saying “Harry Loves Carrots and I love Harry. Please pass the carrots.”

Hillsborough, NC—In Laura Baldwin’s new hardcover children’s book, Harry Loves Carrots, children go on a playful journey in and around the garden as they follow Harry, a very silly dog with one obsession: carrots.

“He looks for them in the garden. He looks for them in the store. He looks for them everywhere…He even looks in the refiger-a-tor…Please don’t laugh because you see, it’s always been true, Harry is a carrot lover through and through!” ~Excerpt from Harry Loves Carrots

While fun and engaging, Harry Loves Carrots has a much deeper purpose: to combat child obesity and teach children from an early age that making healthy choices is not only the right thing to do, but it can also be fun.

This is a book that will have children and the young at heart saying “Harry Loves Carrots and I love Harry. Please pass the carrots.”

Laura has dedicated her life to this purpose, also running In The Koop, a seed company specializing in colorful, heirloom vegetable seeds. The pride and joy of In The Koop is its child-friendly project, The Giggling Garden, which features heirloom vegetables with names like Cosmic Purple Carrots, Green Zebra Tomatoes and Dinosaur Kale.

Laura lives in Hillsborough, NC, in a renovated barn with her dog, Harry, husband Tim and a yard full of animals in their very own Giggling Garden. Harry can usually be found in the garden, digging up carrots to eat whenever he has a chance. He is the real-life inspiration for ‘Harry Loves Carrots.’

While Harry’s message is clear to children, the book’s whimsical illustrations by Andy Marlette engage children’s interest and show them that carrots, whether orange, purple, white or green, are always fun and tasty.

Andy Marlette is a Florida-born editorial cartoonist and illustrator for the Pensacola News Journal. He is a practitioner of the noble Marlette tradition of cartooning, as taught to him by his uncle and Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Doug Marlette.

Harry Loves Carrots is the first book in the evolving “I Love My Vegetables” story. It is available for purchase from the publisher, and other major book sellers.

To get in touch with Harry and Laura, or to start your own carrot-loving adventure, please visit

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The Cosmic Carrot

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