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MA-04-023-17-GardenKids21-300x220Thank you for your interest in our school fundraising program. Our mission is to teach children about the garden and about the foods they eat. We believe that if we take the family back to the garden, the healing can begin. Our campaign of I LOVE MY VEGETABLES is not about telling children to eat healthy foods, but rather letting children learn to love their vegetables through laughter in the garden.

Two alarming facts have been disturbing for some time: the dramatic increase of childhood obesity and the astounding decrease of funds for education. Happily, we have a way to address both situations! Our goal is to get kids involved in the growing of healthy, organic vegetables and fruits while earning substantial money for their schools and replacing the traditional sugar filled candy/cookie fundraisers.

The Giggling Garden—–even the name grabs kids and gets them excited about fruits and vegetables—- is a special garden project from In the Koop, a North Carolina based organic, heritage seed company. They have a fabulous project which lets kids raise their own food and earn substantial money for their school. Along the way the children get outdoors, learn about each crop (with great names like Dinosaur Kale, Cosmic Purple Carrot, Green Zebra Tomato, Moon and Stars Melon), nurture their seeds and watch them grow, and finally enjoy a delicious and healthy food! It is a win/win/win situation for each child, who gains knowledge and a sense of accomplishment; each class, which learns and works together; and each school, which has funds to use as needed.

Here is how it works:

  1. The school or your group sign up with In The Koop by first sending us your name and contact information in the boxes below. Within twenty four hours someone from In The Koop will contact you to answer questions, send you more information and samples and/or sign you up.
  2. You order one box per participating child of “All the Gigglers” (20 Different Seed Packets) for just $1.39 each or $27.80 a box. That is 50% off the retail price!
  3. Children sell the seed packets at the retail price of $2.79 each, with a profit of $27.80 per box, you double your money!

Ordering sheets are included, listing each individual seed, so if people want to buy more of a particular seed than a child has available, they can. The seeds will be shipped to you at the same $1.39 per packet.

If only 300 children participate in the Giggling Garden Fundraiser, your school or group will make $8,340! There is no limit on what you raise. Garden in the Koop works with you to fit your schedule. But, if you register by October 30th, you will get an extra 2 boxes of All the Gigglers at no charge! That is more than $50 in free seeds, and you can still schedule your fundraiser for the time it is most convenient for you.

The Giggling Garden project is unique. Instead of selling chocolate bars, donuts, pizza or other junk food, the Giggling Garden helps you not only raise money now, but also reinforces your school’s values for healthy children for the future. At the end of your Giggling Garden Fundraiser, not only do you get money for your projects, but also you have made a long term difference in the health of the children whom you care about so much.

Everyone at In the Koop can’t wait to hear the giggles as children and their families discover the wonders of growing a garden! Be sure to send us your success stories.

The plan:

We let passionate, like minded people such as you help us sell the seeds and the idea of the Giggling Garden so that we can send the ripple farther and farther. There are several ways this can work.

For more information on these programs, please send us your contact information.

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