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12-pack(1 egg box)

This is our idea of “the basic garden box” and while we have covered all “the basics,” the selection is anything but basic. With almost a dozen heirloom varieties, we have included some of the best tasting standards such as the Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean and the cold hardy Giant Winter Spinach.

Add to that, Bull’s Blood Beet, not only delicious as a beet but the red-purple leaves are a great addition to your salad bowl. The variety and color of these vegetables will inspire any gardener and the tear-away carton is your answer to any transplant worries. We always include some extra seeds in the packets, in case you are inspired to grow “row by row”.

What’s In The Box?

12 individual seed packs with 5-6 seeds- one for your box extra for the garden. Coir discs to use for soil; 12 wooden name tags and of course alot of love!
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean; Bulls’s Blood beet; De Ciccio Broccoli; Ruby Red Chard; Rosa Bianca Egg Plant; California Wonder Pepper; French Breakfast Radish; Giant Wonder Spinach; Yellow Brandywine Tomato; Cherokee Purple Tomato; Hales’s best melon; Lemon Cucumber

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Weight 8 oz

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