Artist In The Garden- Georgia Okeefe


Wonderful set of Heirloom seeds in a paint can.  Each one allows you to create an artist garden.  We have Monet, Van Gogh, Okeefe, Klimt and Picasso. Different seeds for each garden.  This is the Okeefe  garden.


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These wonderful paint cans come with seeds, how to grow your garden and an ARTIST.  We have Picasso, Van Gogh, Okeefe, Monet and Klimt.  Each garden gives you the plants you’ll see in their artworks.

For Georgia Okeefe there are Japanese  Morning Glory, Red California Poppies, Hibiscus White, Bell Flower, Orange Poppy and Helenium -all plants that she   used in her paintings.  Its a wonderful gift for the artist and the gardener.  You also getting planting information and “about her”


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