Casper Eggplant Seeds



Solanum melongena ‘Casper’

It’s a ghost, it’s a bird, no it’s an eggplant!  It’s a white eggplant that is a show stopper in the garden.  Delicious and fun, the fruits are early to bear fruit and this one can even take some wetter days.

Eggplants like a well drained bed and lots manure-must be why they have those big tummies.  Their favorite day is  hot and humid. Start the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before planting in the garden.  Since they like it warm, plant them  in the garden two weeks  after your last frost.  If your plants get too big  indoors,  transplant them into a bigger pot-they won’t mind.  In 75 days you  can introduce your friends to  an Eggplant named Casper.

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