Dinosaur Kale

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Brassica oleracea

This heirloom kale has dark green crinkly leaves that look like dinosaur skin…Dino in the vegetable patch.  Like other kale it doesn’t like hot weather so you can start it indoors and then plant in the garden well before the last frost for spring plants or even better,  plant seed outside in the fall for winter veggies.

It likes the cold weather. These plants can get pretty big so give it some room(about 15”)   Like it’s cousin, the cabbage,  kale likes  a lot of water but not all the time. It doesn’t need much fertilizer and it’s not picky about soil; even likes clay soils.  Here’s an old trick- put eggshells around the plant…it loves the calcium-it will be ready to pick in 50 days.

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