Here Comes The SUNflowers




6-pack(1 egg carton)

This wonderful “sampler” of sunflowers is perfect for that sunny spot in the garden. You and the birds will love these bright, sunny faces all season long.

Sunflowers are easy to seed in the garden but we want you to get a head start. Grow them in the carton and then tear away each cell and transplant in your garden in the spring. Sunflowers don’t like to move around so this is ideal-they’ll never know they moved. Plant them all together and enjoy!

What’s in the box?

6 individual seed packs-one for the box and more for the garden. Coir discs for your soil; 6 wooden plant tags and alot of love!
Includes: Autumn Beauty Mix, Lemon Queen Sunflower, Mammoth Sunflower, Ornamental Mix, Teddy Bear Sunflower, Sunrise Lemon.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Gift Wrapped, No gift wrap


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