Save The Bees Garden Box




This box is filled with seeds of flowers both you and the bees will love. We have included early, mid and late bloomers so that your bees can work and feast early and late into the season. Mostly perennials the seeds can be started indoors and transplanted out to the garden. Use the pulp cartons and there is no transplant shock… For more details on the plants and how they grow see the What’s in The Box Insert.
Enjoy these flowers year after year and know that you are saving the bees, our gardens and the world “one seed at a time.”

Save The Bees Garden Box in the box?

6 seed packs, coir disc(soil), 6 name tags and alot of love!
Includes: Aster, Wild Bergamot, Black-Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, Hyssop

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