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Inspired by our Harry LOVES Veggies series we have created a smaller version of The Giggling Garden featuring some favorites of Harry(the dog). After all Harry loves carrots, Harry loves greens and Harry loves Turnips, NOT…we just had to put them in a Giggling Garden Box. You might enjoy the books even more if you could see the carrots growing in your garden. Just don’t be surprised if you see Harry munching in the garden. This wonderful garden box has organic heirloom seeds of Red Dragon Carrots, Dinosaur Kale, Green Arrow Peas, Moon and Stars Watermelon, Cow Beans and of course Purple Top Globe Turnips. Honestly we didn’t make the names up; there really is a Red Dragon Carrot, a Dinosaur Kale- all fun names to make you smile.

What’s In The Box?

6 individual seed packs with 5-6 seeds- one for your box extra for the garden. Coir discs to use for soil; 12 wooden name tags and of course alot of love!
Includes: Cow Bean, Dragon Carrot, Dinosaur Kale, Moon & Stars Watermelon, Purple Top Globe Turnip,Green Arrow Peas

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