The Giggling Garden




12-pack(1 egg box)

This garden is for the child in all of us!  One of our favorites,  all of these vegetables are not only heirloom their names and looks will make anyone say “I love my vegetables”.  Honestly we didn’t make the names up; there really is a Red Dragon Carrot, a Dinosaur Kale and some Rattlesnake Pole Beans.

This is a garden that will help you and your child or grandchild grow! We have tried to make it as fun as we could, but we left room for you to add some fun. Teach the young person in your life the joy of the garden …and how those vegetables (“ugh”) will not only make them smile, but they actually taste good. This garden speaks to one of our greatest passions here at Garden In The Koop, the health and well being of our children. We brought them fast food and an often too fast lifestyle. Why not bring them back to the slow food and, your garden? Teach them to plant their garden!

What’s In The Box?

12 individual seed packs with 5-6 seeds- one for your box extra for the garden. Coir discs to use for soil; 12 wooden name tags and of course alot of love!
Includes: Rattlesnake Pole Bean, Cow Bean, Dragon Carrot, Veronica Romanesco Cauliflower, Green Zebra Tomato, Dinosaur Kale, Moon & Stars Watermelon, Benning’s Green Tint Squash, Purple Top Globe Turnip, Freckles Lettuce, Purple Tomatillo, Tom Thumb Popcorn

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Weight 8 oz

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