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What better way to help your worms and fertilize the garden than with this wonderful, whimsical, working WORM HOTEL!  It’s an eye catcher. Hand crafted and painted to make you smile!

Worms are amazing gardeners: they till  the soil and eat all the “leftovers”  They turn garbage into “ castings”(composted material) which is garden gold or fertilizer.

Not only is this  Worm Hotel fun, it is easy to use… The ‘stackable’  trays are made of wood. The worms live in the trays and simply wriggle their way up from the lowest tray into the one above, where they can smell fresh food: fruit, vegetable and other scraps that might otherwise go to waste. These scraps are turned into the castings that make such good fertilizer.

The very bottom tray is a plastic tray, used to catch liquid run-off that percolates down from the upper trays and eventually the compost.

Standing 3 feet plus  tall with 4 levels

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Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 18 × 24 × 36 in


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