The Giggling Garden was among farmers market items at the White House Egg Roll

Heirloom seeds for great tasting veggies that make you smile
Heirloom seeds for great tasting veggies that make you smile

The annual Egg Roll at the White House was greeted with sunny warm skies Monday and included in the event this year was a farmers market. The Giggling Garden, which is consistent with the efforts that Michelle Obama has been making to promote healthy eating to children, was included in the market’s products.

The Giggling Garden , from Garden in the Koop Chapel Hill, NC brings attention back to gardening for families. The Giggling Garden products are garden kits that include the soil, heirloom or organic seeds and instructions but most importantly, they are interesting to children with names like: Green Arrow Peas and Dinosaur Kale.

Laura Baldwin, founder of Garden In The Koop, says “ In this time of economic uncertainty, people across the country have been returning to the garden. It allows one to grow food that is healthy and affordable, but importantly, time spent in the garden alone or with family is good for the soul. Being in the garden is therapeutic and a great way to connect with your children. We believe that our Garden boxes will make gardening fun and help people learn to grow the garden they’ve always wanted.”

30,000 attended this year’s event from all 50 states Near 40212, and the highlight of the day was the giggling children.

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